Bite therapy

The purpose of bite therapy is to align the teeth

Overworked jaw muscle can create a similar pain to a harsh workout at the gym. This muscular and structural instability can result in unfavourable oral conditions. How Are TMJ Disorders Treated? The treatment of TMJ depends on the severity of it. Treatments include soft diet, medication and sometimes-custom orthotic appliances, called a bite split.
The bite split is designed for a patient’s unique case and sits on top of the bottom teeth. It realigns and redistributes the muscular forces on the TMJ, while guarding and guiding specific joint moveBramptonments.
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Does treatment work?

The TMJ is a complex joint and while it takes time, it is definitely possible to restore proper function. Treatment requires patience and changing some habits. Most people experience relief and manage their condition with the use of the bite splint.

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Do dentists need special training to treat TMJ?

Most dental schools don’t spend a lot of time covering TMJ but Dr. Noreen Khan is very well prepared. She is one of the few that can treat this condition and has a passion to help those who suffer from it.