Cosmetic dentistry

Are you looking for a brighter more confident smile?

With all the new dental technologies available, stained, chipped or poorly aligned teeth are a thing of the past. Even small changes can make a difference in how you look and feel.
At our dentistry have many different choices to help you achieve that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Come in for a visit and see Dr. Noreen Khan so she can suggest what is right for you.
Cosmetic dentistry

We have many options including

  • Teeth Whitening. You can choose between our in-office latest technology, or the take-home option to brighten up your smile.
  • Bonding. This is the application of tooth coloured material to the sides of teeth that can help the appearance of chipped, broken or stained teeth. It can also be used to fill in extra gaps between teeth.
  • Enamel shaping. This changes the look of the teeth by shaping them. It’s an easy procedure usually done along with bonding for fast and incredible results.
  • Porcelain Veneers. Veneers are custom made shells used to improve chipped, worn, stained, crooked or poorly shaped teeth. They are usually made of porcelain, but resin is an alternative material.
  • Invisalign. These are clear, custom fitted removable braces. Every few weeks they are changed to gently shift your teeth.
  • Braces. Sometimes teeth that are poorly aligned or crowded require orthodontics.
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