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Our dentists recommend to brush our teeth twice a day or after each meal

Brushing our teeth prevents cavities that are holes that occur in teeth due to decay. These cavities cause ugly discoloration that dampen once brilliant smiles. Our team are highly skilled in finding cavities during regular checkups or examinations. After they have found a cavity, they will begin the process of repairing your teeth by giving an appointment for a dental filling procedure. This article will discuss what dental fillings are and how dental fillings are performed in our office and make you feel more comfortable with the process. Dental fillings repair your tooth where the decay damaged it and prevents any more damage from being done.
Do not delay making an appointment for your dental filling procedure since a dental filling can only repair small damage done to your teeth. If a tooth’s decay is left untreated it will grow and enter a nerve canal which can be extremely painful. If you wait even longer to treat a cavity, you might need a more difficult process in order to save your tooth. A dental filling can also fix any problems with a previous filling, or a chipped tooth. Composite dental fillings are the most commonly used in our office and are composed of plastic and glass particles. These types of dental fillings are the preferred filling type since they match your teeth color and work well with dental bonding solutions.
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The process of applying dental fillings is fairly simple and takes only one visit to our office

One of our dentists will begin the procedure by numbing the area around the decayed tooth in your mouth. Next the decay will be cleaned thoroughly before a cleansing gel is applied upon it. Then a bonding solution is put on your tooth to allow the dental filling to hold on your tooth. Lastly, the dental filling is applied to fill the cavity of your tooth caused by the decay. It is normal to feel uncomfortable, mostly in the area of the anesthetic, after your visit but any type of over the counter pain medicine will help ease the pain. After a day or two, you shouldn’t feel any pain where your dental filling is applied. If you do, it may be a sign that the decay infected the nerve of your tooth and you must contact our office as soon as possible.

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In general, our dental fillings are a simple oral procedure

The damage can become more serious if a cavity if left untreated, possibly leading to a procedure such as a root canal. The best way to prevent cavities is by brushing every morning and night before you go to bed, or after every meal if you are prone to getting cavities. You should one of our dentists if you feel any pain in a particular tooth or area in your mouth, or see a hole in one of your teeth surrounded by gray.