Dental implants

Are you concerned about tooth loss and your oral health?

Trauma, decay, disease, fractured roots and tooth positioning can all lead to tooth loss. Once a tooth is gone, the surrounding bone deteriorates and more teeth can potentially collapse into the empty space left behind. This is why implants are used. Aside from the aesthetic reason of losing a tooth and how it will look, it will also affect your general oral health.
Loss of back teeth will also directly change the way you bite, eat and chew, making it ultimately more difficult. The gap it creates can cause a caved in appearance to your face, in turn changing your smile. Implants can solve all these problems and restore your teeth, giving you a perfect smile.
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What exactly are dental implants?

They are surgically fitted artificial teeth. They replace the root of the missing tooth, preserving the bone and preventing that caved in appearance. The implant stimulates the bone cells to remain once the original tooth is gone. How long does an implant take, and what exactly does the procedure entail? An implant will take multiple visits, over a few months time. Initially, x-rays and impressions of the teeth and jaw are taken. This measures their height and width, gum tissue and available space for the implant to be placed. Next the titanium implant goes in. It is surgically placed in the bone. This usually takes about 4-6 months to heal completely.

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While the jawbone gets accustomed to the implant, a temporary transitional restoration piece is used

And then lastly, an implant crown goes in just like a natural tooth, and both your smile and oral health are as good as new. Four months after healing, an impression of the top of the implant is then taken. An abutment and crown are made and go on top of the implant. This is the last step of the procedure. Now your mouth should be looking and feeling and looking even better than it was before.