Laser hygiene therapy

How does laser hygiene therapy work?

Laser therapy treatment is used to reduce the presence of bacteria and also bring down the inflammation of oral tissue. With the new technology used and the combination of ultrasonic tools and laser therapy, oral infections can be treated with great success. After an area is treated, inflammation, which in turn causes bacteria, is stopped.
prevents eventual bone loss and lets the delicate tissues heal. Once the process is done, the tissues remain disease free and encourage tissues to reattach to the tooth, in turn bringing the pocket back to a near or completely normal depth.
Root canal therapy

Laser hygiene therapy sessions

How long does it take? A dental hygienist will determine an exact number of sessions on your first visit, depending on the severity of the oral infection. The number of bleeding areas will determine pocket measurements. The more common the number of bleeding areas and depending how deep the pockets are, the higher the propensity and severity of the oral infection. In the more severe cases, you may need a few more sessions.

Periodontal Disease Is A Risk To Your Health Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that gets into the blood stream and travels to other major organs where new infections can occur. This condition can also lead to the development of heart and stroke disease, preterm babies, and low birth weight babies.

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Quick, comfortable and pain-free!

Laser hygiene therapy is an easy and noninvasive treatment. It helps gum tissue to be free of disease, preventing reattachment and reoccurrence. Sometimes in advanced cases surgery is recommended, but laser therapy is a smart preventative care to circumvent the need for surgery.