Porcelain crowns and bridges

Your teeth and smile age naturally

With the passage of time sometimes there is trouble with missing teeth, decay or old fillings. These occurrences can have quite the impact on both your smile and your oral health. What are crowns and bridges? These are both ways to restore lost, missing, decayed or damaged original teeth by repairing and correcting structural problems.
The purpose of a crown is to rebuild a tooth, or teeth to its original form. The purpose of a bridge is to replace one or more missing teeth.
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Porcelain crowns

How does a crown work? A porcelain crown restores the healthy look of an original tooth by strengthening and protecting it. Or, if a root is healthy but the upper part of the tooth is damaged, crowns are a great solution. Out with the old and in with the new. Because dental technology has come such a long way, it can be a good idea to replace old, damaged or unhealthy crowns with new ones. A crown can also be recommended if an old filling is fractured, broken down or damaged by cavities. Sometimes root canals can leave a tooth weak and brittle, another perfect reason to have a crown put in. Porcelain crowns can also keep the jaw and bite aligned to keep your smile looking good for years to come. How long does this procedure take? It can usually be done in just two visits. In the first visit, the tooth is prepared by removing any decay. Impressions are made to build the crown and a temporary one is placed. On the next visit, about two weeks later, the temporary crown is replaced by the permanent one. With diligent oral care and regular trips to the dentist, the crown will keep your smile fresh and bright!

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Porcelain bridges

How does a bridge work? A porcelain bridge is used to replace missing teeth. It can also be made to replace old partial dentures. The bridge is a custom made piece that is permanently bonded to adjacent neighbouring teeth. It can be made to replace one or more teeth. The teeth on either side of where the bridge will be placed are prepared as crowns. This is to hold the new one(s) in place. Because of its durable nature, porcelain is used. The bridge is fit to match in size, colour and shape of your natural teeth to give you a long lasting beautiful smile. How long does this procedure take? It can also usually be done in just two visits. The first visit it to take an impression of your teeth. The next visit within two weeks, is to install the new bridge. The porcelain bridge will help keep your mouth healthy, preventing any problems that may arise from having missing teeth. And just like the crown, with great oral care and regular visits to the dentist, the bridge will keep your smile healthy and looking its best.