Say Goodbye to Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings!

Post by: / September 9, 2019

Say Goodbye to Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings!

Say Goodbye To Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings Are you unhappy with the old fillings in your mouth? Did you know they are a health concern? They can lead to tooth loss, disease and other health conditions. Research has proven that silver mercury amalgam fillings have an adverse affect on your overall health. Over time they leak and this is how cavities form beneath them. Eventually this may lead to structural damage, cracked teeth and possibly root canal treatment or crown therapy.

“Amalgam tattoos” is the unsightly permanent staining of the gums caused by the silver mercury amalgam fillings affecting the gum tissue. To prevent this we offer high quality metal free fillings such as white plastic fillings, porcelain onlays, crowns and bridges. With new materials we can change your smile with natural and long lasting great results.

Porcelain and Plastic Replacement Options: Porcelain or Plastic?

Which option is right for you? We usually recommend porcelain to be used because it’s a stronger material providing durability and strength for your remaining teeth. Plastic is a good option for small fillings, but for larger replacements it does not tend to last as long. So we recommend porcelain as the most cost effective long term choice.

Long-Lasting Results

Come and visit us to see the difference in materials yourself. Porcelain wins out on strength, durability and longevity. Prolong the life of your new restoration with regular visits to the dentist and proper oral health care.

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